Target – Toy Sale 2014

The Target Toy Sale campaign starred T Bear who did an amazing job selling the Target Toy Sale, making it one of the most successful to date.

Target Toy Sale 2014 from Christine Isaac on Vimeo.

Target – Gok

I have worked on Target at two different companies in two very different markets, before and after the advent of online shopping. The Gok campaign helped bring a fresh approach to the brand and Gok became one of the most strongly linked brand ambassadors in Australia.


Target – Retail

We created a character to push the retail message for Target. The ads were fun and fresh for the category.



Stella McCartney for Target Australia

There was a huge buzz surrounding Stella McCartney designing for Target. It hit all media and was covered on all the national news stations. The crowds showed up in thousands and they sold out in a day. It remains the most successful collaboration for Target to date.

Target ‘Denim Nation’

Denim Nation was a campaign to push Target into a fashion brand for denim. After Denim Nation ran Target became the number one denim retailer at the time much to the other denim retailers annoyance. Directed by Joel Pront. MADC awards 2006.

Target ‘DIY Glamour’


Target Underwear


MADC awards 2006.

Target Toy Sale

Target like to make an impact every year during their Toy Sale. The big hands did just that creating a buzz in the shopping centers where they appeared and cleaning up at awards that year. AWARD, Young Guns 2006, The Work, Cannes Lions, Clio, D&AD, One Show, MADC 2007.