The Earth Choice Project is exactly that a continuing project to encourage people to replace their harsh chemical cleaning products with environmentally responsible Earth Choice products. The launch of the project kicked off in Beechworth in conjunction with Tidy Towns Victoria – Beechworth being the current winner and stared local talent. The project was fully integrated launching on TV and online and included a microsite with Earth Choice Project content.


After 20 years of playing in the Australian Open Swisse wanted to send off Lleyton Hewitt, one of their long standing ambassadors and honour his career. We created a campaign that placed Lleyton back on centre court, and even though Swisse was not a major sponsor of the Australian Open it certainly felt like it during the broadcast.

Swisse Skincare Ash Hart

The launch of the Swisse Skincare campaign was a huge success with ambassador Ash Hart. Promoted on all platforms and amplified through the Melbourne Cup Carnival where Ash Hart was also the face of the carnival.

Target – Toy Sale 2014

The Target Toy Sale campaign starred T Bear who did an amazing job selling the Target Toy Sale, making it one of the most successful to date.

Target Toy Sale 2014 from Christine Isaac on Vimeo.

Target – Gok

I have worked on Target at two different companies in two very different markets, before and after the advent of online shopping. The Gok campaign helped bring a fresh approach to the brand and Gok became one of the most strongly linked brand ambassadors in Australia.


Target – Retail

We created a character to push the retail message for Target. The ads were fun and fresh for the category.




Liquorland wanted to chase a younger audience and make the brand more contemporary, this is how we did it. Matt Skinner makes an appearance as the brand ambassador.


Libra ‘Mousey’

I spent the early years of my career working on Libra creating many campaigns for sanitary products. This was one of the most popular. Directed by Iain McKenzie. ATV award 2003.


Australian Fresh ‘McCoy’

This ad starred Ronn Moss of Bold and The Beautiful fame. We followed him everywhere with a camera for days, it could have turned into a reality TV show. Directed by Dogboy. MADC Awards 2006. was a site created to leverage the use of Ronn Moss in the Australian Fresh campaign. It was launched in the lead up to Australia Day and prompted you to vote for Ronn to be Australian of the year. It continued the theme of ‘you can tell when it’s not all Aussie.’

Stella McCartney for Target Australia

There was a huge buzz surrounding Stella McCartney designing for Target. It hit all media and was covered on all the national news stations. The crowds showed up in thousands and they sold out in a day. It remains the most successful collaboration for Target to date.